519 – Pick and Mix Sweet Shop

519 - Pick and Mix Sweet Shop
Price Only £14.52
Contains approximately 342 grams of real assorted sweets! Features: Detachable Working Scales Opening Cash Drawer and Detachable Side Trays. It’s not often you see a product this cool: all the fun of pretending to run your very own shop with REAL sweets

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Barbie Electronic Shopping Trolley

Barbie Electronic Shopping Trolley
Price Only £49.79
All you need for the weekly shop. The Barbie shopping cart has it all. Shopping trolley with 3 wheels for extra stability.Undertray to store your shopping bags. An electronic control panel incorporates and electronic shopping list. The console has light effects and sounds. It even has a microphone and speaker to make those important announcements in store. You can scan the product with the automated detection system giving a beep sound when scanned. Comes with a swipe card to recognise the user.Don’t worry about leaving Barbie at home, you can bring her with you and put her in the special seat. Includes all the accessories you need for hours of shopping. Comes with pretend food, pretend money and a credit card.

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616 – Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

616 - Hetty Vacuum Cleaner
Price Only £19.99
Pretend cleaning has reached new heights with this stylish Hetty-branded cleaning trolley from Casdon. Your child will love Hetty’s smiling face as they run around helping you to clean up. The simulated mop is supplied with a fabric floor cloth which can be removed and attached by a child using the traditional finger push tea towel method. Included in the set is a long handle broom, dust pan and hand brush, simulated detergent bottle, and paper debris bag. Pretend cleaning has never been so realistic.

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