Airfix A04103 Hawker Fury Mk I 1:48 Plastic Kit

Airfix A04103 Hawker Fury Mk I 1:48 Plastic Kit
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Bearing the distinction of being the first RAF fighter to exceed 200mph in level flight, the Hawker Fury was one of the most capable fighters of the era until surpassed, first by the Gloster Gladiator and then by the monoplane Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire. While beautiful and fast, the Fury was also much more expensive to produce compared to its contemporaries, such as the Bristol Bulldog, resulting in it seeing only limited frontline services. By the outbreak of World War Two, the Fury only served with the South African Air Force as a front line fighter, the RAF examples having all been retired to second line duties. The aircraft depicted on the box can be seen flying for the Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd. IWM Duxford.

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Airfix A55202 Red Arrows Hawk Starter Set

Airfix A55202 Red Arrows Hawk Starter Set
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The Red Arrows took delivery of the British Aerospace Hawk trainer in the autumn of 1979 and during that winter the pilots converted from the Gnat and worked up a display using the new aeroplane in time for the 1980 display season. Since being introduced into service with the Red Arrows, the Hawk has taken the Team on tours across the world.

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Airfix Frontier Checkpoint 1:32 Scale

Airfix Frontier Checkpoint 1:32 Scale
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Typical of many such checkpoints and bridges on the Western Front in WWII, this set is the perfect accompaniment for any 1:32 D-Day diorama. Featuring both the damaged revetments of a bridge and the barrier with guard house it forms an excellent backdrop. The machine gun tower with search light also offers excellent diorama possibilities, and is suitable for use with the Airfix range of 1:32 Figures.

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Airfix A02033 Supermarine Spitfire F22

Airfix A02033 Supermarine Spitfire F22
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The F22 Spitfire was about as sophisticated as the post-war Spitfires were to get. It differed from the final variant, the Mk22, in only minor respects, but used the same massive Griffon engine delivering well over 2,200hp and which dictated the enlarged tail control surfaces introduced with the Mk 21. The redesigned wing was a distinctive feature of the type which performed well until eventually being outclassed by the first jet fighters.

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Airfix – A03081 – Messerschmitt Bf110E

Airfix - A03081 - Messerschmitt Bf110E
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With its extended fuselage holding a life-raft at the end, tropical filter to help cooling the engine, and bomb racks added to the underside, the E version in this kit served throughout the Mediterranean and North Africa from 1941.

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Airfix – A05021 – Heinkel HeIII

Airfix - A05021 - Heinkel HeIII
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The Heinkel He-111 was the mainstay of the German offensive against Great Britain during the Battle of Britain. It was produced in far larger quantities than the Do-17 series and remained in service throughout the war. The Heinkel He-111 was first displayed in January 1936, not as a bomber, but in the guise of a civil airliner. In 1937 the civil disguise of the He-111 was abandoned; He-111 B-1s were sent to the Condor Legion fighting in the Spanish Civil war. The success of the He-111 in Spain played a large part in shaping German bombing policy, which later proved wrong when the lightly armed bombers suffered heavy losses over Britain when opposed by modern and determined fighters. The He-111 H-series was by far the most important variant of the bomber, the H-20 being the first to carry a dorsal gun turret and improved armament together with a redesigned nose and more powerful engines.

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