Airfix – A03083 – F-86 Canadair Mk4 Sabre

Airfix - A03083 - F-86 Canadair Mk4 Sabre
Price Only £9.43
The Canadair Sabre was a fighter jet built by Canadair under licence from California-based North American Aviation Inc. The resulting variant was considered one of the finest dogfighters of its day. Many went into service with the RAF, the majority being based in Germany against the threat of opposing Russian MiGs.

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Airfix – A04050 – Harrier GR9

Airfix - A04050 - Harrier GR9
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The Harrier GR9 is a heavily updated development of the existing GR7, incorporating the ability to use a wide range of advanced precision weaponry, new communications, and systems and airframe upgrades. It equips the Joint Force Harrier squadrons crewed by both Royal Air Force and Royal Navy personnel.

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Airfix English Electric Lightning F2a/f6 1:48 A09178

Airfix English Electric Lightning F2a/f6 1:48 A09178
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Entering RAF squadron service in 1960, the Lightning represented a quantum leap in capability and performance over the RAF’s previous interceptor jets, offering Mach 2+ performance as well as a phenomenal rate of climb. Until its retirement in the 1980s, the Lightning has few rivals for outright speed and climbing ability, however, it did have some shortcomings, most notably its lack of range as well as its limited armament of just two air-to-air missiles. The F3 Lightning introduced an enlarged ventral tank with later versions also being equipped with over-wing tanks, improving the range of the Lightning further. These versions deleted the nose guns of the earlier variants, thus reducing the ability of the Lightning pilots to get in close to their opponents. They also did nothing to overcome its missile deficiency, with the Lightning still having to rely on just two missiles. The Lightning was eventually replaced in 1988, superseded by the more capable and more heavily armed Tornado, but a number survive today in museums, a reminder of one of the RAF’s fastest fighter jets of all time. Paints and Cement are required to complete model (Not Included) Specification: Model Scale 1:48 Number of Parts 153 Dimensions (mm) L350 x W220 Skill Level 3 Flying Hours 3 Requires Painting Yes Age 8+ Dimensions (mm) L350 x W220 Model Scale 1:48 Number of Parts 153 Requires Painting Yes

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Airfix – A50017 – Sea Harrier FA2 Diorama

Airfix - A50017 - Sea Harrier FA2 Diorama
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The Sea Harrier FA2 served with great distinction over Bosnia, flying from the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers. This gift set comes with a backdrop of the deck of on of these superb surface vessels.

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Airfix – A05120 – Messerschmitt 109E

Airfix - A05120 - Messerschmitt 109E
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The E-1 carried two 7.92 mm MG 17s above the engine and two more in the wings. The E-1B became the first operational Bf 109 fighter bomber. These were fitted with either one central bomb rack, carrying one 250 kg bomb, or two under-wing bomb racks, each carrying a 50 kg bomb. The E-3 was armed with the two MG 17s above the engine and one MG FF cannon in each wing. The E-3 was replaced by the E-4 (with many airframes being upgraded to E-4 standards starting at the beginning of the Battle of Britain) which was different in some small details, most notably by using the modified 20 mm MG-FF/M wing cannon and having improved head armour for the pilot.

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Airfix A05102 BAe Harrier GR3

Airfix A05102 BAe Harrier GR3
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The simplicity and flexibility inherent in the Harrier design proved their worth during the Falklands War. RAF Harriers were deployed to the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, as part of the Task Force sent to recapture the Falklands Islands. The Harrier GR3 performed attack sorties from the aircraft carrier, and later from basic landing strips on the islands, often in conditions that would have grounded conventional aircraft.

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Airfix – A11001 – Vickers Valiant

Airfix - A11001 - Vickers Valiant
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The Valiant was the first of the V-bombers to see combat, during the Anglo-French-Israeli Suez intervention in October and November 1956. During Operation Musketeer, Valiants operating from the airfield at Luqa on Malta dropped conventional HE bombs on Egyptian targets. Also On May 15, 1957 a 49 Squadron Valiant B(K).1 dropped the first British hydrogen bomb, the Short Granite (AKA Green Granite Small), over the Pacific as part of Operation Grapple.

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Airfix – A06010 – B-24 Liberator

Airfix - A06010 - B-24 Liberator
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18,000 Consolidated B-24 Liberators was produced making it the most widely produced US heavy bomber of WWII. The Liberator gained a distinguished war record with its operations in the European, Pacific, African and Middle Eastern theatres. Having a long operating range, it’s role not only included bombing missions, but also maritime patrol, anti-submarine, reconnaissance, tanker, cargo and personnel transport missions. Winston Churchill used one as his own transport aircraft.

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Airfix – A03085 – Hawk T1

Airfix - A03085 - Hawk T1
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The tandem two-seater Hawk T1 (Trainer Mark 1) was the original version of the Hawk used by the RAF, replacing the Gnat in the fast jet training role. Deliveries commenced in November 1976. The UK ordered 176 T1s

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Airfix – A03007 – Junkers Ju88

Airfix - A03007 - Junkers Ju88
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The Battle of Britain proved very costly with losses over Britain between July and October 1940 amounting to 313 machines. It was during the closing days of the Battle that the flagship Ju88 A-4 went into service. Although slower than the A-1, nearly all of the troubles of the A-1 were gone, and finally the Ju88 matured into a superb warplane.

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