Austin Cooper Launch Brochure Car – 50th Anniversary Of The Mini Cooper

Austin Cooper Launch Brochure Car - 50th Anniversary Of The Mini Cooper
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The Mini-Cooper was the brainchild of John Cooper, then proprietor of the successful Cooper Formula 1 team. He saw the racing potential in his friend Issigonis’s nimble economy car, the Mini, and after building a prototype, persuaded BMC to build the 1000 cars needed for homologation. BMC agreed to pay Cooper £2 per car for the use of his prestigious name, and the Austin Seven Cooper (and Morris Mini Cooper) were launched on 20th September 1961. The Austin version officially became the Mini-Cooper in January 1962. BMC worried it wouldn’t sell but high profile motor sport success soon meant it became the classless car everyone wanted.

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Burrell Showmans – Road Locomotive No.3910 Crowther & Johnson’s Flying Pigs

Burrell Showmans – Road Locomotive No.3910 Crowther & Johnson's Flying Pigs
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Burrell Showman’s road locomotive no 3910, ‘Wait and See’, left the manufacturing plant at Thetford on 27th July 1921 and was bought on hire purchase by first owners Joseph Crowther and Herbert Johnson. However after less than two years the engine was returned to Thetford and subsequently sold to Pat Collins, the price paid was £1100, a good deal less than the brand new price of £2500. It has now been owned by its present owner Bill Hunt for over 50 years. The engine is unique in that it was finished in yellow with cream wheels, the only Burrell Showman’s to be finished in this livery and one of only three engines not finished in the standard shade of red, the other two being 3526 Lightning II and 4000 Ex-Mayor, both previously modeled by Corgi. The engine worked for some time in the original yellow paint but later was painted in the more traditional red. In 1946 a new firebox was fitted but less than a year later the engine was taken out of use and lay in Pat Collins’s yard in Bloxwich until 1955 when it was purchased by Bill Hunt when Collins started to sell off and scrap his remaining engines. The engine remained untouched until 2003 when it was moved to Dingles Museum, where a team led by Clive Gibbard restored the road locomotive. Work was completed in 2009 and she can now be seen in her original glory. The Corgi Vintage Glory of Steam range represents a collection of nostalgic models from bygone days of steam transport and features legendary names like Foden, Burrell, Fowler and Garrett. Perfect for every steam rally enthusiast, each 1:50 scale die-cast traction engine is supplied in a Vintage Glory of Steam branded box and its limited edition certificate.

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Austin Mini Cooper Mayfair 1984 By Corgi Mini Mania

Austin Mini Cooper Mayfair 1984 By Corgi Mini Mania
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NEW RELEASE 1984 MINI COOPER MAYFAIR, BY CORGI MODELS, IN 1:36TH SCALE AND FINE DETAIL THIS IS A BRILLANT MODEL OF THE ICONIC CAR. CORGI’S INFO…. The brochure for this limited edition Mini called this model ‘The most luxurious production Mini ever made’. Stylish coachlines, lavishly trimmed with plush Raschelle fabric, push button LW/MW radio, four spoke steering wheel, twin door mirrors, locking fuel cap… The list of endless features may be seen as basic by today’s standards but the classic sparkle of this, and all Mini’s produced between 1959 and 2000, just adds to the fondness and appeal of this car. The option of 4-speed manual or automatic transmission with 998cc engine gave the Mayfair the same performance as the previous City E model but the addition of wide rim alloys and wheelarch extensions give this version tenacious roadholding and that sporty look. MINI COOPER MAYFAIR DICAST METAL 1:36 SCALE MODEL FROM CORGI MINI MANIA WITH FINE DETAIL WITH FINE DETAIL

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Burrell 7 Nhp Road Locomotive – No.3257 ‘clinker’ – 1911 CC20512 1:50 scale

Burrell 7 Nhp Road Locomotive - No.3257 'clinker' - 1911 CC20512 1:50 scale
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Robert Clifford-Wing of Cornwall is the current owner of this fine steam engine which dates back to 1911. ‘Clinker’ was purchased new by Wingham Agricultural Implement Co, Kent for road haulage until early 1920s when it was sold to Mornement and Ray of East Harling, Norfolk where it was used in later years for dredging the Fens. It was then purchased by Michael Ward of Oxton who restored and rallied ‘Clinker’ extensively before a major overhaul in 1991, Robert has been the owner since late 2004.

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Albatross D.V – Ritt.Manfred Von Richthofen, German Air Force, Jasta 11, June 1917

Albatross D.V - Ritt.Manfred Von Richthofen, German Air Force, Jasta 11, June 1917
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Approximately 4,800 Albatros fighters of all types were built during the First World War. They were used extensively by the German Air Service throughout 1917, and remained in action in considerable numbers until the end of the war. Many of the highest-scoring German aces achieved the majority of their victories while flying Albatros fighters. Although most often associated with the novel Fokker Triplane, the famed Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, won three-quarters of his 80 combat victories in Albatros aircraft. Richthofen’s fame spread rapidly through the ranks of Allied troops. He had his Fokker Albatros painted bright red. Almost instantly, French fliers spoke of Le Diable Rouge, the Red Devil. Others called him the Red Knight, or the Red Baron. Wild rumours sprang up about the red fighter; some even claimed that the plane was piloted by a woman. Morale soared in his unit, and before long Jasta 11 ruled the skies in their sector. Soon his men painted their planes red, although all but the Baron were required to display at least one other colour.

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