Body Tagz Hello Kitty Art Transfer Set

Body Tagz Hello Kitty  Art Transfer Set
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This fantastic kit contains over 200 gorgeous, highly detailed Hello Kitty temporary body art transfers, including some which are ideal for your nails. There are loads of Hello Kitty designs, all perfect to complete that special look! Tagz are quick and easy to apply. Your skin should be clean and free of oils and make-up. Simply cut out the transfer you want to apply and remove the clear protective top sheet. Press the transfer firmly onto your skin with the design facing down. Using the spray bottle supplied, spray water onto the transfer, making sure it is thoroughly wet and then hold the sponge against the transfer. Wait 30 seconds…don’t hurry. Then peel off the paper backing to reveal your finished body art. Easy to remove with cleaner or baby oil. Includes over 200 body art transfers, application spray bottle and sponge. For ages 6+

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